There's this cute little place in northern Ontario, nestled tidily in the bosom of the Haliburton Highlands. It's a drinking town with a poetry problem. 

Minden, Ontario is home to many lakes, moose, deer, bears, a floating snowmobile bridge, black flies, and the highest number of eccentrics per capita in all of the province. Small wonder we've got so many poets. They gather regularly at the Dominion Hotel on Bobcaygeon Road, one of the oldest operating hotels in Ontario. Live Poets and Dead Poets, singers and songwriters pull up a chair, order their favourite libation and spend many an evening spoutin' words, stompin' their feet and hangin' out with their fellow word addicts. 

On Wednesday, July 20, there's gonna be a poetry marathon at the Dominion ... SCORE! 20 hours for Art will begin at 6 am and not stop until 2 the next morning. During these 20 hours, you'll be able to hear poets from around the world read their work, watch a bunch of Dead Poets bring the creative past to life again, listen to some amazing local singer/songwriters and much, much more.

Watch this space 'cause there's secrets in this here town and we're not afraid of tellin'.

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