On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, more than 35 poets gathered at The Dominion Hotel in Minden, ON. Some were live, some were present due to the marvels of technology via Skype. Six-year old Jack arrived with his mother, ate breakfast and then sat in the big yellow chair to read one of his own poems. Bill Osborne, a lovely gentleman from England, came to The Dominion for lunch with his family. He had not seen his son for 30 years and had never met his grandchildren. George also sat in front of the web cam and read some poetry.
Throughout the day, funds were raised to support the Artists in the Schools program. Administered by the Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands, AITS places local artists in elementary school classrooms to teach children about pottery, sculpture, painting, dance, literary arts ... providing creative opportunities that would otherwise not be offered within the school curriculum.
The evening was filled with readings from the Live Poets in the Pub group, performances by Dead Poets and live music. More than 150 guests filled The Dominion on a hot, energetic, creative summer night.
SCORE! 20 hours for art -- the first annual -- was a resounding success. We look forward to an even bigger and better SCORE! in 2012. 
Many people assisted with the creation and execution of SCORE! We gratefully thank --
Michael Fay, Conjurors of County Town
Marjorie Ludlow Green, Haliburton Highlands Writers' and Editors' Network
Shawn Chamberlin, innkeeper, The Dominion Hotel ... and his amazing staff!
Arts Alive Minden
Douglas Pugh, TheRightEyedDeer Press

Readers & Performers
John Unrau
Linda McNamara
Pat Brown
Shirley McCormick
Kathleen Millard
George Farrell
Shelley Beach
Angie & Jack
Ron Evans
Doug Smith
Kathy Purc
Claire Heslop
Michael Fay
Robert Penfold
Bill Osborne
Jerelyn Craden
Terrance Gavan
Elaine Repath
Angel Taylor
Richard Taylor
Douglas Pugh
Donna Gagnon
George Osborne
Sheri Hawkins
Dorothy Crossan
Mary-Marcia Casoly
Jeffrey Mackie
Meg Kingston
Eric Lilius
Hugh Taylor
Meg Carruth
Shawn Chamberlin
Marjorie Ludlow Green
Christine Criswell
Caroline Davies
Brenda Pettrigrew & Outloud Womyn's Choir
Irene Brodsky
Bob Thurber
Sheri Hawkins
Sheryl Loucks
Jack Brezina

Wendy Wilkins
Shelley Beach
Lauren Forbes
Stella Voisin
Meg Carruth

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